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BYOND MOBILE Expo & Conference

NEW DATE! September 28-29, 2022

Samyan Mitrtown Hall

Bangkok, Thailand

E.J. Krause & Associates and VNU Asia Pacific partner to launch BYOND MOBILE, an exhibition and conference dedicated to the next-generation mobile network and its impact of speeding the adoption of Industry 4.0 techniques in Southeast Asia. 


The event will take place under the theme “The Networked Economy: Unlocking the potential of the IoT era.”



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The roll-out of 5G will unleash the full potential of smart city applications to address the ever-growing urbanization challenges. Communities can improve energy distribution, streamline trash collection, decrease traffic congestion, and improve air quality with help from the IoT. Citizens engage with smart city ecosystems in various ways using smartphones and mobile devices and connected cars and homes. City-wide security monitoring will be more efficient.

  • Get the latest insights in 5G powered smart city technologies
  • Learn about optimizing infrastructure, mobility, public services and utilities for making cities really smart


Join the upcoming webinar on November 9, 2021 from 10-11 hrs (CET) and secure your digital seat!


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Businesses are gaining a competitive edge by preparing for 5G integration. Next-generation mobile network adoption is changing the landscape and impacting application development for the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as Industrial Internet penetration in unprecedented ways. The value of 5G goes beyond just faster internet – it goes BYOND MOBILE. With everything being connected, it will become a major force in facilitating new products and services to emerge in industries such as Agriculture, Health, Manufacturing and Mobility.

The Asia Pacific region will account for 40% of the world’s connectivity within the next 5 years. With Southeast Asia being the growth engine of that region, BYOND MOBILE will set the stage to drive the super-connected economy in the heart of Asia – a region being strategically contested between the superpowers’ 5G heroes. The conference and exhibition will host a community of change-makers that will serve as a force for enhancing end-user experience, transforming business processes and utilizing data flow. 

BYOND MOBILE will be the meeting place for the 5G ecosystem, where industries can connect with established suppliers and disrupting start-ups across the world. It will provide insight and strategies for business leaders seeking to explore and evaluate the latest technology solutions and services that drive necessary innovation.


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Explore the event venue Samyan Mitrtown Hall in Bangkok.